The application for delivery
and task scheduling with
route optimization.

N About PATHfinder

PATHfinder is the ideal logistic solution for those who seek simplicity and lightness, but do not intend to compromise on quality and computational accuracy. Widely customizable and equipped with sophisticated algorithms for route optimization, both in terms of time and road travelled, PATHfinder is able to solve the most complex problems with a few simple clicks, best managing fleet assignments and resulting in the most satisfactory outcome.

Tellus solutions share these features:

High customization

Service and support
Function expandability

You don’t need more than a computer and an Internet connection.
The cloud allows you to access from any location, without downloading additional software.
PATHfinder resides in our fast and reliable servers, besides being perfectly usable via any browser. You won’t have to waste time installing software, upgrading hardware or making a backup… we take care of everything!

Twenty-years know-how industry experience.
Two decades of professionalism and expertise, combined with proven high-quality customer service, make the Tellus team of experts always willing to discuss the evolution of the product: PATHfinder is the IT solution guaranteed over time.

N Strong points

The effectiveness of PATHfinder planning is ensured by taking into account a number of variables that describe the company’s modus operandi (means and working hours), characteristics of the goods, constraints on the customer (time windows) and, of course, territorial peculiarities.
The optimization minimizes times and driving distances, bearing in mind both the features of roads in relation to vehicles and restricted access areas.

Automation with algorithms

Task allocation is automatically scanned through advanced VRS algorithms.

Quick learning

Rapid deployment makes PATHfinder well suited for operators with little time for training.

Modular construction

The software is integrated into a suite consisting of different modules designed for different functions in logistics.

PATHfinder is the simple, light solution at the service of logistics.

Who can benefit from it?

PATHfinder is recommended for all companies that face daily the issue of picking up or delivering goods and/or need to manage the activities of a network of agents or merchandisers, as well as enterprises in charge of planning technical support operations at its customers’: food distributors, couriers and freight forwarders, manufacturing companies that directly delivers orders to their customers, and any company outfitted with a network of merchandiser salespeople and technicians.

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