the Geomarketing software that leverages
cartography to simplify business data analysis
and reorganize the sales network.

N About MARKETfinder

MARKETfinder is the Geomarketing software best suited for the analysis, reorganization and strategic expansion of your sales network. Thanks to the possibility of uploading wide databases of information, including lists of customers, prospects, competitors and spatial statistics, as well as auto-scheduling your agents’ agendas, combined with the ease of use of sophisticated geomarketing analysis, MARKETfinder will be the best possible ally in the growth of your business.

Tellus solutions share these features:

High customization
Service and support
Function expandability

You don’t need more than a computer and an Internet connection.
The cloud allows you to access from any location, without downloading additional software.
MARKETfinder resides in our fast and reliable servers, besides being perfectly usable via any browser. You won’t have to waste time installing software, upgrading hardware or making a backup… we take care of everything!

Twenty-years know-how industry experience.
Two decades of professionalism and expertise, combined with proven high-quality customer service, make the Tellus team of experts always willing to discuss the evolution of the product: MARKETfinder is the IT solution guaranteed over time.

N Strong points

MARKETfinder is a software able to display on the map customers, prospects and competitors at once, examine turnover data, balance agents’ areas, identify the best locations for opening new sales points, manage all types of databases to derive information to enrich the analysis. MARKETfinder allows you to perform sophisticated geomarketing analysis with utmost ease, as well as calculate agents’ visit plans to selling points and auto-schedule them on their agendas.

Analisi del fatturato

A large number of indicators such as monthly turnover performance or annual sales trends can be displayed on a map or represented graphically. These indicators can be aggregated by vendor or themed by Region, Province, Municipality, Census Section or any user-defined area.

Zone balancing

It is possible to split customers and prospects entrusted to agents either in an automatic or a manual way, by using specific tools or map and isochrones calculation functions; the balance of areas of responsibility by turnover or by number of managed points can also be achieved. In addition, the module uses algorithms calculating commissions and average distances from the agent’s residence.

Agents’ calendaring

Calculation of the visit schedule on a salesperson’s canvass in compliance with set frequencies, parameterizing the duration of visits and managing road travels as well as other constraints such as the appointment time window.

MARKETfinder is the Geomarketing solution best suited for reorganizing your sales network.

Who can benefit from it?

The web technology of MARKETfinder enables headquarters users and field staff to leverage geography aimed at operating more efficiently in their respective territories and markets of responsibility.
Salesforce managers, marketing and network development analysts, heads of sales and area managers make use of MARKETfinder in the most diverse companies across Food, Industry, Retail, Banks & Insurance markets.

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