The complete solution for managing
Environmental services

N About ECOfinder

ECOfinder is the perfect suite for managing the entire collection cycle, from business planning to service order execution, as well as vehicle monitoring and utility management.

Full-featured, fast, compact, intuitive, user-friendly but, most of all, customizable according to your corporate needs. An up-to-date, ever-evolving product, tailorized on your specific demands and able to make you the strategist of your work.

Tellus solutions share these features:

High customization
Service and support
Function expandability

You don’t need more than a computer and an Internet connection.
The cloud allows you to access from any location, without downloading additional software.
ECOfinder resides in our fast and reliable servers, besides being perfectly usable via any browser. You won’t have to waste time installing software, upgrading hardware or making a backup… we take care of everything!

Twenty-years know-how industry experience.
Two decades of professionalism and expertise, combined with proven high-quality customer service, make the Tellus team of experts always willing to discuss the evolution of the product: ECOfinder is the IT solution guaranteed over time.

N Strong points

ECOfinder is an all-in-one suite that serves all phases of waste collection. Tailored to customers’ needs, it can be integrated with a wide range of hardware and software and offers user-friendly, fast and intuitive management of daily service orders.

Real-time tracking and monitoring

The software permits to certify consumptions and adquire any type of data detectable on board in real time.

Service orders

The module allows means and staff to be associated all the way through, from planning to service completion.

TARI utility management

The solution enables 360-degree management of TARI utilities, including field data remediation, equipment association, charging.

ECOfinder is the ideal solution for the comprehensive management of waste collection services

Who can benefit from it?

ECOfinder is recommended for all private companies or public institution involved in urban hygiene management, from sweeping to street or door-to-door collection, as well as administration of waste municipal collection centres and on-call collection services.

The solution can be easily integrated with the major personnel, vehicle and tariff management systems, as well as with mobile apps used by citizens. It is also employable by any Company concerned to know the location and on-board data of its fleet of vehicles.

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